Managed Services

In an Atlas Managed Service Arrangement, Atlas maintains responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and equipment, you will not have to spend you valuable time and resources on maintaining your network and IT needs..

An Atlas managed IT service comes with stellar support. The SLA identifies what level services Atlas will furnish and how successful delivery of services will be measured. All of our levels of service are handled by Qualified IT Service professionals.

In plain English, Atlas Managed Service is the extra help that will save your day. With managed services, you’ll be free from necessary, but time-consuming tasks. Tasks like monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure. You’ll be free to focus the right people and resources on the right projects to further your business. Your strategic initiatives will fall into place all while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Improved efficiency and overall better performance of their applications because our application, database and infrastructure administration teams are located together within our facilities. Unlike independent consultants, the experienced technicians at Atlas work collaboratively in an environment optimized to make use of each expert within our company, providing a number of benefits.

Many companies find themselves coming up short in Disaster Recovery (DR) planning despite their increased dependence on IT systems.

Let the Data Recovery Team at Atlas help you come up with a disaster recovery plan that will suit your immediate and long term needs.

We can proactively solve most issues regarding data loss before a problem occurs.

Database administration, database patching, database upgrades, performance analysis and tuning. With an Atlas Database Management Solution in place, you can devote less IT resources to routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

Monitoring and managing its components such as firewalls, routers, switches and load balancers can be time consuming and often times not the most effective utilization of IT resources. As such, many organizations have come to realize that keeping on top of their network infrastructure can be better handled by a third party provider.

The Atlas Facility Based IT Solutions Staff will work closely with your company to come up with the best remote solutions for your IT Structure. Our Network of nationwide technicians means you do not have to worry about the simple onsite things. We can handle everything from remote help and solutions to onsite support.

How comfortable companies feel about their security capabilities will determine their degree of engagement, what kind of information they will share, and what services they will contract from a managed services provider. Trust has always been a factor between organizations and is especially important when discussing security and compliance.

Whatever level of security you need, we can implement. From Simple firewall, and Virus protection to Government level security options, let us keep you safe from simple IT vandals to corporate hackers’ intent on stealing your data.

Atlas Engineers work on your behalf to handle the day-to-day activities that can distract your IT professionals from more strategic initiatives. We ensure your mission-critical desktops and servers have the latest versions of your software and have the most recent security patches installed.

Managed cloud storage ensures your data is available anywhere at any time and can be accessed on desktops, laptops, or even mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Why use AMSP?

Our Atlas Managed Services Provider (AMSP) solutions make your IT management simpler and more cost effective.

Atlas Managed Services can decrease your overall IT support costs by as much as 30% to 50%.

You may not even be aware, but your IT needs are constantly evolving. Our AMSP solutions give proactive support for even the most complex networks and aggressive growth strategies. Let us show you how to make your limited resources work their hardest to:

  • maintain an effective IT infrastructure
  • take day-to-day IT hassles off your in-house technical staff
  • help your business struggle less with IT and concentrate more on business growth