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Interested in a career with Atlas?

Atlas International Technology Services Inc is looking for Qualified Technicians. We have several technical and corporate positions that need to be filled. If you believe you have the experience, skills, and perseverance to pursue a career with Atlas, please contact us.

Technical Positions

Atlas currently has several positions available in several markets.
Career Positions Available Nationwide

  • Field Engineer

    Atlas is currently seeking qualified Field Engineers nationally.  There are 2 basic types of FE, the first is Network Engineer, and the second is Alarm Technician.  (Many FE’s who choose a career path with Atlas work in both areas.)

    Any FE wishing to seek a career with Atlas must be able to work well in a fast paced environment.  He/she must have excellent communication skills. The FE must also be able to work well on his/her own, recognizing there is no one standing over your shoulder watching you work.

  • Network Engineer

    To be considered for a Network Technician position, a successful candidate must have advanced networking experience. This would include a working knowledge of most aspects of the OSI model from the physical layer to the application layer.  This knowledge base encompasses any network activity from pulling wire, to configuring a router.

    Telephony experience is also required. An FE may be responsible for troubleshooting/ repairing/ installing/or upgrading several types of systems, both analog or IP based.

    A typical day for an FE may begin with pulling wire at a retail store, and end configuring a router or a smart switch. A strong understanding of TCP/IP is mandatory.  Network troubleshooting is also a requirement.

  • Alarm Technician

    To be considered for an Alarm Technician a successful candidate must demonstrate a strong working knowledge of alarm panels, experience troubleshooting and installing the devices that are connected to the panels, and experience with low voltage wiring.

    Alarm Technicians need to have experience with DVR’s, cameras, and both analog and IP based topologies.

    A candidate must be licensed or otherwise certified in the states he/she wishes to work. States that do not require a license are CO, KY, OH, PA, WI, and IN – It is also imperative that FE’s check local laws and guidelines to determine if other certifications are required.

Corporate and Support Positions

Atlas currently has positions open in our corporate offices located on Daytona Beach, Florida.

  • Help Desk Support technician

    The Atlas Help Desk Support Technician helps our technicians while they are onsite.  Both through technical knowledge and experience, along with specific data about any job a Field engineer may be on.

    Also the Technician helps our client’s customers when they require technical assistance within their organization.

  • Scheduling Support

    Scheduling Support Agents interact with corporate entities who rely on Atlas for their technical requirements.  Agents also interact with our team of Field Engineers scheduling their jobs.

  • HR recruiters

    Atlas HR Recruiters are responsible for approaching, screening, and ultimately hiring prospective Atlas Field Engineers.  This is a truly rewarding position allowing the Recruiters to reach out and help candidates begin a new career with Atlas.