Atlas Project Management

The Atlas International Technology Services Project Management Team includes one point-person as your main contact.

Under his or her direction there is a dynamic team of skilled professionals including resource and information managers and qualified independent technicians.

Deep Support Base

We hand-select independent technicians with certifications to match your project’s specific requirements and timeline.

Atlas Project Managers have an intimate understanding of our clients’ business objectives and priorities, and translate these into clear milestones, effective budget and resource management, and clear project guidance, control and reporting.

They are able to manage complex deployments that span countries and cultures, and have the deep technical knowledge needed to assess projects accurately, make informed choices and address issues effectively.

Project Management Tools

Atlas consistently sets the industry standard for streamlined, instantaneous project management both onsite and from the field. Our proven system provides an efficient and cost-effective system for maintaining oversight of every project detail.

You have access to real-time status reports, digital photos, and other vital project information.

Network Engineers are typically well-versed in the technical aspects of networking: router and switch configuration, server deployment management, and so on. However, those same Engineers are rarely trained on how to manage projects.

Delivering a successful network project requires a unique combination of business, organizational and technical skills. That is why Atlas International Technology Services Inc is structured around industry-specific teams that understand the mechanics of your business, as well as the software, hardware and processes that can make you more productive and more profitable.