Offsite Support

With today’s high speed internet technology, voice over IP communication and the integration of server, web and mobile applications, there has never been a better time to make use of inexpensive off-site IT support.

This support can take the form of remote monitoring, installation of new modules for a CRM or ERP, trouble-shooting, help desk services and even complete development projects.

One of the biggest advantages of the Atlas Off-Site IT Support Team is that you get access to the industry’s best talent. Instead of having to hire highly skilled and very expensive professionals in house, our off-site option gives you these assets avail to you at a moment’s notice.

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Extension of your team

Using a proven support model built on years of experience and proven principles, we tailor our solutions to accommodate each client’s unique environment.

Our integration process ensures we establish a thorough understanding of your current operational processes, develop consistent standard operating procedures aligned to your organization’s strategic business objectives and assemble teams that fit into your important business environment.

We are dedicated to continuously improving every service partnership, and through comprehensive reporting and analytics, we monitor satisfaction and SLA performance to identify opportunities.

We help clients achieve a high return on investment by building a multidisciplinary support model leveraging remote administration tools and self-service capabilities, allowing more issues to be resolved by the user.